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Apriline HAIRLine (6x5ml)

Apriline HAIRLine is a fortifying formula that supports hair abundance and overall quality. It helps to strengthen brittle hair, boost

BCN Capillum Peptides 8085

Advanced Hair Loss Solution

BCN DNA Liquid 8026

DNA Liquid hydrates, improves scarring, enhances the skin appearance and has an anti-oxidant effect. DNA is a natural polymer with

BCN Organic Silica 0.5% & DMAE 8015

Organic Silica 0.5% & DMAE is an all-in-one facelift and anti-ageing treatment that combines two powerful rejuvenating agents. Organic Silica

BCN Phosphatidylcholine 5% 8012 (5x10ml)

Lipolytic Solution

BCN X-DNA Gel 8020